THE STRESS FIX for Employers

FIRST, let’s talk about your bottom line as it relates to health care.
As an employer, here is what you are up against:

Insurance rate increases of at least 8% for your employees with 4% less coverage are the 2018 norm.
The current national health policy is not coherent, stable or consistent. Insurance companies are already raising rates to cover their downside risk.
You will have sicker employees and increasing lost time costs
When people cannot afford the co-pays and high deductibles, they avoid getting medical help they need as long as possible – until the illness condition becomes serious (and potentially very expensive) and recovery time is much longer.
There will be a shortage of nurses and physicians
Nearly half of physicians in the USA reported severe burnout symptoms in a 2015 study and the trend continues.  With 500,000 seasoned nurses retiring by 2022, with many healthcare professionals pursuing other jobs and a current shortage, this means less care plus longer wait times, during which illnesses develop and costs increase exponentially.

THE STRESS FIX program proactively makes your employees’ health a lower cost productivity driver.


THE STRESS FIX program eliminates stress damage resulting in:

Illness Prevention = Savings

  • Employees gain the lifelong skills to stop the effects of stress, “the main causal risk factor of illness”.
  • Your healthcare costs and lost time costs significantly lower when employees are able to attend work and function at their highest ability.

Happy Employees = Results

  • Your retention and loyalty skyrocket as you simultaneously appreciate your human capital.
  • You discover the ROI of focus and re-gain 3 weeks of productivity per employee currently lost each year from just 30 minutes a day of not focusing because of stress.

Long-Term Skills = Growth

  • These same skills are directly transferable to top performance, clear focus and decision-making.
  • Your teams can use these tools for continuous improvement of all operations and help your company navigate change successfully.

Creating a customized STRESS FIX solution for your organization is easy. Here’s our process:


Stage 1: Needs Discovery Conversation

  1. We meet to gain clarity around your goals, what you’re on the hook for, the challenges you are facing, what you have done, what you are doing, what’s working, what’s not working, what’s left to do, by when – and with your budget.
  2. We identify your current risks – what you’re already losing from the costs of NOT fixing stress.
  3. We help you assess your potential gains, benefits, savings and ROI.

Stage 2: Capability Briefing

  1. We meet to describe my capabilities with respect to your goals and we identify where I can help.
  2. I describe how I work, my fees, time frames and payment schedules and our letter of engagement
  3. If we agree, we choose a start date and begin scheduling trainings for your people with an end date.
  4. We identify key people I can work with, consult with and report to in your organization.

Stage 3: Information Gathering

  1. If additional information is needed, we conduct a before-and-after survey.
  2. We interview key representative people about your challenges and organizational stress to solicit their needs, wants and recommendations while to also learn their language to optimize healthy communications.

Stage 4: Training the Optimal Health Skills for Top Performance

We begin training your people in THE STRESS FIX solution modules:

  • Module #1: DYNAMIC CALM for body-mind health
  • Module #2: GENIUS FOCUS for mind-immune health
  • Module #3: ENERGIZING HEALTH for energy health

Stage 5: Progress Assessments, Data Collection, ROI Calculations, Process Improvements

  1. We evaluate results with the “after” survey, collect and apply relevant data for several purposes, including ROI calculations and further customizing the program to your organization.
  2. We gain information of how your employees have applied the tools for process improvements to your operations.