Here are just a few of the organizations Robert has helped:

Robert enjoys helping people from all walks of life…

“Swift, effective and simple techniques that anyone can use anytime.”

Paul J. Rosch, MD, F.A.C.P.

President, The American Institute of Stress New York Medical College; Clinical Professor of Medicine & Psychiatry

“This is it! Streamlined, easy to learn, rapid results and totally effective against daily stress build-up. Robert’s work is really cutting edge.”

Tamela Thomas

Wellness Manager, Washington Athletic Club, Seattle, WA

“Participants raved about these techniques to eliminate stress damage, resulting in a groundswell demand for more classes. Our governmental organization is under increasing pressure to respond to growing & changing work demands with ever-decreasing staff resources. It makes sense to incorporate stress elimination techniques like Robert’s Optimal Health Trainings into health care management strategy. Calm employees make better decisions & fewer mistakes.”

Mary Wohleb

Training Program Manager , King County Water & Land Resources Division, Seattle, WA

“As an entrepreneur starting a new business, there are endless distractions, non-stop challenges, tasks and projects to tackle. Robert’s precision techniques helped me focus and concentrate to maximize my productivity without the crippling effects of stress, worry and anxiety destroying my quality of life and my effectiveness, not to mention my health.”

George Grandis Copeland

Owner and Founder, Laborem Edge

“Working with Robert is a must for anyone who wants to get to the heart of a physical or emotional symptom. My session was both comforting and relaxing. But most of all it was effective. Robert was able to illuminate a place I seemed unable to get to without help. After just a few days, my symptoms are nowhere to be found. My medical doctor had treated the symptoms, but I knew I didn’t want to be left with a chronic condition that would continue to irritate me and require medication. Thankfully there are practitioners like Robert who can help get to the root of the condition and offer us relief.”

Laurel Holland

Author, Courageous Woman, Live Your Inner Power

“Working in the risk management field for a large national health insurance company, my day is full of potentially stressful situations; preventing disasters and often putting out fires, both literally and figuratively. The pressures and stresses can be epic. With the skills I’ve learned from Robert, I am able to maintain both a positive attitude as well as put stress and stress related reactions in their place. Using THE STRESS FIX and the “Little Sun” energizing techniques that Robert has taught me make my job more peaceful even while in the midst of a hectic and demanding day.”

Maggie Crye

Director, Risk Management

”As a physician, I was intrigued with Robert Siegel’s approach given the problems stress causes for people’s health. It becomes clearer and clearer to me every day that the body’s reaction to chronic stress is the source of a lot of disease that we see. While it’s not necessarily a simple equation of reducing the damage from stress and healing all illnesses, it is obvious that stress and the way we respond to it factors heavily into how we respond to infection, injury, tumors, and other assaults upon the body. After an introductory learning session with our medical providers, we decided to have Robert come in to do one of his trainings with our staff. Everyone had a great time and had good things to say about the experience. Even though we just went through the first few steps of his program, the staff were able to experience right away the physical calming that comes with his simple techniques. All of us have used them since, and occasionally remind each other to “belly breathe” when things get tough!

I highly recommend Robert’s techniques and approach to anyone who wants to have greater control over how they respond to stress, and it just plain feels good, too!”

Erika Bliss, MD, FAAFP

Chief Quality Officer, Qliance Medical Management Inc., Seattle, WA

“This very special class has helped me so much I’ve sent friends & coworkers, all of whom have benefited enormously. I’m here to tell you, you’re not even aware of how much stress you carry, nor how easy it is to remedy.”

Doug Hotei Rice

Program Manager, King County Dept. Of Natural Resources

“Over the past 10 years, Robert Siegel has brought his talents, expertise, innovativeness and experience to the Washington Athletic Club in several ways. As a member of the WAC Speaker’s Bureau, Robert has spoken to many of the club’s Corporate Members about a variety of critical topics including; lowering medical costs, improving employee productivity, and the competitive advantages of “producing” health. His Optimal Health Trainings, both in private and group settings, have been extremely well received.

Robert brought his Optimal Health Lunchtime Lecture series to WAC employees and inspired our staff with his keen insight into the areas of stress reduction, presence of mind and energy health which led to a renewed energy and focus at the WAC. He is an outstanding presenter, who articulates topics filled with scientific data, Eastern philosophy and effective practices to handle current day challenges in an easily understandable way. I highly recommend Robert.”

Wayne Milner

Vice President, Athletics Washington Athletic Club, Seattle, WA

“Your skills can be used anytime to provide a clear, improved mental focus. This small investment has long-term benefits & payback. I encourage others to invest time in this training to better address the increased demands of law enforcement officers’ work. One can use these practical techniques to better serve one’s community.”

Lieutenant Gerald Alexander

Criminal Investigation Unit, Port of Seattle Police Department

“In my 17 years at Pritikin I have found the approach provided by Robert Siegel to be the only tangible stress management tools that have successfully worked in my personal life.”

Kevin Wiser

President, Pritikin Longevity Center

“I recommend his program highly. Robert’s deep knowledge impressed me greatly.”
Toshihito Hasegawa, MD, M.P.H.

Co-Founder, Japanese Association of Stress Research, Japan

“Great, compact and time-saving.”

Omar A. Askari

President & CEO, United Technical Services, United Arab Emirates

“Staff response was extraordinarily positive.”
Catherine Tracy

Chief Deputy, LA County Dept. of Children’s Services

“I have been studying, practicing, and teaching stress management for over 3 decades. I’ve practiced Transcendental Meditation, Kriya Yoga, biofeedback, MBSR and many other forms of stress reduction and meditation. I have read all the classics on stress management including the works of Robert Sapolsky, Edward Charlesworth, Matthew McKay, Edmund Bourne, Jon Kabat Zinn, and many others. I’ve studied meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Sri Chinmoy, Bhante Gunaratana, and others. 

I’ve learned much about meditation and stress reduction from them all. But of all the meditation and stress reduction instructions I’ve received, Robert Simon Siegel’s are by far my favorite. In fact, if all these other teachers and authors got together and wrote a book on stress management, you still wouldn’t get a book as good as Robert Simon Siegel’s Six Seconds to True Calm. His book is a cult classic that deserves a much wider audience.

If you want to improve your meditation practice or transform the stress you experience, read this book. You will not find a better set of meditation instruction anywhere on the planet. I recommend it to all my clients.”

Tom Jordan

Founder, Breakaway Strategies

“It is rare to find such a wonderful learning experience in today’s world.”

A.K. Zebdi

Software Engineering Consultant, Insightful Corporation

“If you’re not satisfied with your physical, mental or emotional health, this program is for you. All you have to do is try it. It works.”

Elmer E. Green, Ph.D.

Formerly Founder & Director Emeritus, Menninger Clinic, Center for Applied Psychophysiology, Topeka, Kansas

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