THE STRESS FIX for Healthcare Professionals

With precision THE STRESS FIX addresses the actual core mechanism of stress damage:  the HPA-axis. The hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal glands axis gets triggered hundreds of time daily from every thought, worry, challenge, problem,frustration and fear. THIS is the problem, not nebulous “fight or flight”…  and it is a serious problem.

Fix Stress with Skills, NOT Pills.

THE STRESS FIX skills turn off the HPA-axis in seconds, so it doesn’t stay on 24/7.  I believe this is today’s #1 health ability and a valuable health advancement.  I call it an “ability” because it is accomplished easily with SKILLS, not pills.  What I developed over two decades are health-producing “levers” for how to intervene in various body systems.  The results are lifelong skills for three areas of functional health needed in 21st century living.  Because stress affects your body, mind and energy, you’ll need skills to better operate your body, mind and energy.



Without the absolutely essential ability to QUICKLY stop HPA-axis activations, chain reactions of stress damage increasingly develop into symptoms, then illnesses and finally diseases along four main pathways of stress damage:

  • cardiovascular
  • metabolic
  • immune
  • and psychological

The second, third and fourth generation consequences of stress damage chain reactions are 60%-90% of primary care physician visits, 50% of absenteeism, physician/nurse burnout and the entire array of symptomology induced by stress.

THE STRESS FIX solution has 3 modules:

Module #1: DYNAMIC CALM for Body-Mind Health

THE STRESS FIX skills produce health by restoring optimal healthy functioning – in seconds – to the four major body systems that generate virtually all stress symptoms:  Central Nervous System, Sympathetic Nervous System, Parasympathetic Nervous System and Skeletal Muscle System.  Once you learn how, you can then better help your patients as well.  This skill set stops stress damage before it can occur.

Module #2: GENIUS FOCUS for Mind-Immune Health

By applying the principles of psychoneuroimmunology, people can move their thinking from anxiety, overwhelm and depression into the mental patterns that boost immune strength and generate optimal psychological health. By utilizing attention-focusing mechanics, the GENIUS FOCUS makes focusing on solutions instead of problems easy with “The Big Lever”. It’s how exceptional people throughout history have often come up with their creations, inventions, breakthroughs and visionary goals. These skills enable people to direct neuroplasticity into innovation and neurogenesis into increasingly enjoying life in ways that prevent typical HPA-axis triggers from conventional thinking patterns.

Module #3: ENERGIZING LIFE for Energy Health

Our goal is to prevent adrenal gland fatigue, now rampant in our civilization, by providing healthier energy sources than adrenaline. A very important area is for healthcare providers to have tools that prevent being vulnerable to a losing energy exchange with their patients, whom are needy and whom we want to help. We explore biological energy from healthy mitachondrial metabolism to the human electromagnetic field. With this knowledge, we deliver skills from both cutting-edge sciences like bio-physics and signal transduction (cell signaling and resonance signaling) – plus multi-use wellness treasures from ancient intact wisdom traditions, which can now be explained with science. You’ll learn how to turn on your brain with energy and recharge fast. You’ll also learn the energy treasure: how to feel joy and love whenever you want! Once you feel it, I might just challenge you to explain its mechanism of action!

Find THE STRESS FIX solution that is right for you!

Private Group Workshops

Pricing: Varies
Organizations/Teams, Nurses/Physicians/Healthcare Professionals/Hospitals, Small Business Owners, Fitness Centers and any stressed-out group

Each private training is customized to the audience and can include 1 or more modules based on your team’s available time. While all 3 modules are recommended, the first module (a must-have!) is deliverable in a 60 or 90 minute format to fit most training windows. We also offer many options to deliver the content in segments that fit your team’s schedule. We promise designing your custom workshop will be STRESS-FREE.

Public Workshops

Pricing: Varies by location and session
Availability: Currently available in Greater Richmond, VA. Other locations can be arranged.

These unique training sessions are an ideal way to pick up some real-time, stress-fixing skills. Each course may vary, so be sure to check out the schedule below for complete listings and descriptions.

One-on-One Private Sessions

Pricing: Sessions start @ $150 / hour (discounts available for purchasing multiple sessions)

Work with Robert one-on-one or with a partner in intimate 60-90 minute sessions that are customized to your needs. The skills taught are all based around THE STRESS FIX solution and have helped people from all walks of life discover stress-free living and energized health.