Meet Your Stress Specialist


Psychophysiologist Robert Simon Siegel, MS is an internationally known stress specialist, corporate wellness trainer, speaker and author of ENERGY JOY – THE STRESS FIX. Robert developed the functional health skills for THE STRESS FIX and FOCUSING POWER over 30 years of research and clinical experience in hospitals and medical centers.  

Robert’s mission is to reveal the missing better half of stress, which is our species’ biological mechanism to grow and evolve beyond mere survival. THE STRESS FIX ends the decades-old ineffective concept of merely “managing” stress with lifelong skills to operate this amazing mechanism. 

His clients have included CEOs of multi-national corporations, a sitting Governor, police chief, physicians, nurses and people from all walks of life. He often works with health professionals and teams of all sizes at organizations including: Chevron, USA, NBC, Providence Health Systems, Port of Seattle Police Dept., Pritikin Longevity Center, King County WA, Washington Athletic Club & TRW.

Robert’s motivation to truly understand and solve stress was given to him by a life-changing panic attack he experienced while giving an oral presentation at college. This anxiety spread to nearly every area of his life that involved speaking to people. The worst came while telling a joke to a circle of friends at his own party, when panic prevented him from speaking the punch line!

Stress was a relatively new phenomenon when Robert entered graduate school in psychology. With the goal to fix his own stress, he analyzed every major body system involved in stress, anxiety and panic. This led to Robert becoming an ‘expert’, and working with biofeedback equipment in several medical centers. Over several years, he figured out exactly how patients were focusing inside their bodies to gain control over the medical monitoring equipment. Robert developed his skill-based protocol from this approach and refined the skills so that people did not need any equipment and could easily master the four main body systems that generate stress – to dissolve fight/flight survival reactions in seconds!

Robert’s articles have appeared in a wide variety of publications like: CAPITAL: Business & Finance Magazine and QI: The Journal of Eastern Health & Fitness. The New England Hospital Assembly gave their Blue Ribbon honor to the program he directed at Mt. Pleasant Hospital. Robert has twice been a selected speaker at the National Wellness Conference and presented a panel on FIXING STRESS at the 2015 Health and Productivity Forum in San Francisco for Integrated Benefits Institute.

Additionally, Robert spent decades exploring “energy” from biological, traditional, experiential and scientific understandings.  

Privileged to learn personally from lineage-holders of several wisdom traditions, Robert brings that knowledge into science and physiology to teach people to achieve enjoyable new levels of optimal health – physically, emotionally and energetically – currently missing from our healthcare system.  This knowledge positively nourishes people’s lives and can save years of searching.  Learning these tools accelerates personal growth, improves health and invigorates energy.

His more expansive understanding of stress can be found in his new book:  ENERGY JOY – THE STRESS FIX.








Robert has helped people from all walks of life!