Why 7 Skills?


To fix your stress and turn on your Energy Joy Engine, you simply need to operate a few key mechanisms in your body.  It’s easy and not a mystery.


First is to learn how to quickly stop your body’s stress factory, the HPA-axis, from going into and staying in the disease development mode we causally call ‘stressed out’.  The HPA-axis has three glands that work as a unit to trigger all stress, anxiety, fear and panic reactions.  They are the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands.  

Like switching a train from one track to another, you can easily reset your HPA-axis by moving four major body systems from ‘stressed out’ into their optimal health ‘treasure’ mode. Each body system has a precise skill that works like a ‘lever’ to accomplish this.  So far this adds up to four skills.    

Skill #1 – Sympathetic Nervous System

Skill #2 – Parasympathetic Nervous System

Skill #3 – Central Nervous System

Skill #4 – Skeletal Muscle System  

The health ‘treasures’ you gain are emotional calm, inner peace, presence of mind and physical relaxation. Once you learn those skills, a fifth skill then integrates those four into a single skill you can have for the rest of your life to feel calm, focus and dissolve anxiety/stress reactions within six seconds!  


The result is a very healthy body/mind state called Dynamic Calm.  It is dynamic because you can do it while moving, driving, working, computing and walking.  Free of stress, your body can ‘rest’, something doctors prescribe because your energy repairs, recharges and rejuvenates. By preventing stress damage, Dynamic Calm is a most important health skill everybody should have. 

When these four body systems are aligned properly into Dynamic Calm, you elevate your HPA-axis and gain two new benefits.  One is the prized ability to ‘tune in’ better to your intuition, creativity and inner guidance.    

The second is to upgrade your HPA-axis so it is no longer stuck in a survival mode that can only react to dangers, fears and problems.  It then expands to become a signaling device that alerts you to opportunities to better enjoy your life and improve your well-being.     

Now your HPA-axis has its full range of function from survival to thriving!  This uplifts you into a healthier way of being.  It is also uplifting for our entire human species – our next step up the evolutionary ladder.


The sixth skill is the Genius Focus.  This gives you a mental steering wheel to move your mind from being stuck on the survival mode thoughts like worries, problems, fears, and difficulties which cause anxiety, panic, immune weakness and depression.  You grow access to your creativity to more fully achieve your goals, live your values, savor your relationships, develop solutions and enjoy your life.


The final skill, number seven, puts the previous skills together so you can utilize the state of Dynamic Calm while applying the Genius Focus to feel how to activate THE treasure: your Energy Joy Engine.


Together all seven skills increasingly nourish your body, your mind, your emotions, your energy and your health.  You gain the lifelong abilities to quickly feel calm and enjoy the wonderfully uplifting energy of joy whenever you want!   

Meet Your Stress Specialist

Robert Simon Siegel, MS brings a traditional wisdom understanding of ‘energy’ into science and physiology to achieve new levels of health, joy and biological intelligence now needed to uplift from pandemic malaise. With three decades of clinical experience as a stress specialist in medical centers and companies, Robert developed these educational tools by uniting science and his personal trainings with wisdom tradition lineage-holders. Get Robert’s trailblazing new book: ENERGY JOY — THE STRESS FIX — Science Meets Ancient Wisdom to Uplift Life on Earth.

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  • De-stress, feel calm and restore focus in seconds
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  • Help prevent burnout, relieve stress symptoms and de-stress in seconds
  • Enjoy nourishing self-care for yourself, your team and your patients with HPA-axis “health-producing” skills



  • Proactively produce healthy people to work and lower total illness costs
  • Increase productivity, prevent losses and gain financial savings
  • Appreciate human capital and retain talent


  • Significantly decrease burnout, turnover costs and workplace disruptions
  • Reduce medical errors causing liability and malpractice costs
  • Increase patient satisfaction to prevent lower reimbursements

The 3 Modules

THE STRESS FIX has three distinct parts:

Dynamic Calm

Body-Mind Health
Achieve an optimal health state for top performance and better focus

Genius Focus

Mind-Immune Health
Turn business and personal challenges into goal-achieving solutions

Energizing Life

Energy Health
Turn on your brain and recharge quickly for maximum productivity

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