THE STRESS FIX for Individuals

Gain the awareness advantages that top executives and achievers rely upon by connecting with your body/mind wisdom. Your stress guide Robert will train you to utilize this process for optimal health and for transforming your life challenges.

Core Program Details

TIMELINE: ALL stress symptoms can generally be resolved in 4-6 sessions. Ongoing sessions are recommended as needed.

GOAL: The lifelong skills you will learn can immediately dissolve and eliminate stress damage. Further, these skills enable you to transform stress into a remarkable positive guidance system to continuously improve your health, accelerate achieving your goals and increasingly enjoy your life.


Step 1. Building Your Stress Profile

Your first session begins with developing your “Stress Profile”. You learn how to make better sense of YOU. Our interactive dialogue gives you a psycho-physiological assessment. When complete, I interpret back to you how your body and mind react to stress, anxiety, tension and pressure. The result is an education designed to give you a clear vision to better health, including a prescription of the skills you will need. Then we begin your skill-based training to eliminate (not “manage”) stress damage and make optimal health gains.

Step 2.  Developing Optimal Health Skills

Your learning continues with tailoring a wealth of uniquely effective “health-producing” skills to better operate your body, mind and energy for life. Robert guides you with seamlessly implementing these skills into your life.

THE STRESS FIX solution has 3 modules:

  • Module #1: DYNAMIC CALM for Body-Mind Health
  • Module #2: GENIUS FOCUS for Mind-Immune Health
  • Module #3: ENERGIZING LIFE for Energy Health

Step 3. Mastering Your Body/Mind Wisdom

An intriguing inner process guides you to discover and enjoy the valuable communications of your stress, symptoms or illness so you gain their benefits and perceptual advantages. Just as thirst signals us to have a nourishing drink, symptoms and illnesses of stress have a vital communication purpose – always beneficial. Remarkable health improvements can result when you discover the valuable gifts of this wellness key. Very often, stress damage dissolves once it successfully delivers its “Life Message” needed to restore optimal health.

Ready to explore THE STRESS FIX solution?

One-on-One Private Sessions

Pricing: Sessions start @ $150 / hour (discounts available for purchasing multiple sessions)

Work with Robert one-on-one or with a partner in intimate 60-90 minute sessions that are customized to your needs. The skills taught are all based around THE STRESS FIX solution and have helped people from all walks of life discover stress-free living and energized health.