A training of 3 modules of lifelong skills that eliminate stress damage and produce optimal health for sustainable top performance.


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THE STRESS FIX solution has 3 modules:

Dynamic Calm

Body-Mind Health
Achieve an optimal health state for top performance and better focus

Part I: Dynamic Calm

When 60%-90% of all primary care doctor visits and half of all sick days at work – all from stress – can be prevented with this one skill set, it’s an excellent opportunity to lower costs AND improve health! These productivity tools are essential for today’s accelerated change.  DYNAMIC CALM is today’s #1 health ability everybody should have because it stops stress in seconds before any damage can develop, and it does so with lifelong skills (not pills).

In this module, you will learn how to:

Develop greater “presence of mind” through preventing and relieving ALL stress symptoms by rapidly restoring 4 body systems to optimal health:

  • Central Nervous System:Clear your mind instantly to focus better and sleep well
  • Skeletal Muscle System:Relax 9 major muscle groups quickly and dissolve tension headaches
  • Sympathetic Nervous System:Turn off fight/flight survival reactions of panic, anxiety attacks and overwhelm
  • Parasympathetic Nervous System:Enjoy refreshing emotional calm all day at work and home
  • Integrate all four body systems: Feel calm and stop stress in seconds for the rest of your life

Genius Focus

Mind-Immune Health
Turn business and personal challenges into goal-achieving solutions

Part II: Genius Focus

Throughout human history, people have contributed brilliance, artistic creations and visionary solutions by focusing their minds in a specific way not taught in schools. They’ve cracked the code to how to control the brain’s natural hard-wiring and how to leverage it.

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Use your mind positively to create health, success and joy – not anxiety, overwhelm and stress
  • Apply “The Big Lever” to transform problems and difficulties into new solutions and “wins”
  • Implement five main mental patterns of goal-achieving that stabilize your mind into optimal psychological health, positive communications, continuous improvement and the ability to better navigate change
  • Gain amazing wisdom and valuable guidance by de-coding the gifts of your stress emotions

Energizing Life

Energy Health
Turn on your brain and recharge quickly for maximum productivity

Part III: Energizing Life

All biological organisms, including humans, develop new capacities with better energy efficiency, so we don’t have to spend all our time just searching for food. Gain rare energy knowledge from new science and powerful ancient wisdom tools to energize your health, your awareness, your goal-achieving and your life.

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Turn on your brain with energy, ignite your life force and recharge fast
  • Strengthen your adrenals to lose weight, lower blood pressure & normalize blood sugar
  • Optimize your bio-energetic field functions for greater health, awareness & illness prevention
  • Discover how to open the main energy “valve” of your life force energy
  • Throw off colds and flu energetically before they can “catch”
  • Increase your lung functioning and oxygen vitality with Chinese “longevity breathing”
  • Expand your perception beyond the five senses to gain “broadband” awareness

Want to build the skills for a stress-free life for you and/or your team?