After over 30 years as a specialist, stress conditions have become way too easy to remedy. While I am happy to help people solve their stress issues and eliminate any stress-related symptoms like anxiety, hypertension and insomnia, I am shifting my expertise to address a more fundamental area. If you are an entrepreneur, CEO, business owner or high achiever who values making the most of your precious time, this might be of interest. You already have experience with why this multi-faceted skill is so essential.

The skill?


FOCUS – Entrepreneur’s Success Key and Survival Skill
to Guard, Grow and Keep Your Mind Safe From Today’s Attention Thieves

When Googling related topics like ”entrepreneurs and focus”, I realized that virtually all the articles, topics and advice were about WHAT to focus on, like: market, product, people, strategy and business. What was missing – something that the very top achievers and most successful entrepreneurs figured out by themselves – was HOW to actually focus. 

So I have repurposed what I know as a stress specialist and I am adding rare knowledge from my personal trainings with several wisdom tradition lineage-holders, people thought of as “enlightened” and “masters”, to now share the nuts-and-bolts mechanisms of enjoying a powerful focus AND then using that focus to do quite wonderful things that give great advantage – in both business and life. 

If anyone imagines that the ability to focus is not important, consider what we are all now up against – for the first time in human history. The increasingly sophisticated science of AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms are continuously collecting your personal data to target ads to you with unparalleled effectiveness, using beeps, notifications and moving images all designed to “grab and hold” your attention, to capture and convert you into “sticky eyeballs”. 

These are increasingly dangerous thieves of our attention, which we need control over to simply live our own lives the ways we choose.

Attention thieves destroy productivity. Once distracted, the average person takes three minutes to get re-focused on whatever task or project they were working on. If you do the numbers, this means that with only one single distraction every four minutes, you would be able to actually produce only 15 minutes of output of every hour. You would get only two hours work done in an eight hour day and but ten hours total of productivity in a five day week. And that is only a measure of quantity, not quality, which requires longer focusing in order to thrive from fuller creative and intuitive access.

Where this is heading reminds me of a science fiction story I read years ago, before the internet existed. A man who was a husband and father volunteered to go on a five-year space mission because the pay would provide a lifetime of financial security for his family. When he returned to Earth, he discovered that everyone was in a commercial trance from talking billboards, TV ads, constant outdoor loudspeakers – all using masterful hypnotic control everywhere and non-stop. His wife had already spent all his earnings and, instead of greeting him on his return, went rushing out the door to buy something else. Dumbfounded, he want for a walk and felt his free will being syphoned toward a barrage of advertisements targeted just for him.

I shall next provide a short list of the essential elements of focus and the valuable abilities focus enables. As a trainer, educator, coach and therapist, I am excited to now put my talents to work for you, so you can apply to your business and personal life. I believe these are the key abilities essential for achievement in today’s attention-stealing environment.