Welcome to THE STRESS FIX blog!


We want to inspire you with a nourishing blend of humor, science, wisdom, insight and heart to help you live a healthier, more productive, creative and joyous life.

We humans now face some huge challenges we’ll need to transform from stress into thriving.  Perhaps you have noticed that we have already entered accelerating global change.  The knowledge and practical tools to “fix” stress that activate our positive powers are massively needed for humanity to smoothly, swiftly and successfully flourish.  We need more people who in the face of change can sustain calmness instead of reacting with fear, who can easily establish presence of mind instead of panic, who can promote cooperation with emotional peace instead of anger, who can love instead of hate, and who can radiate the higher energy frequencies of the heart to infuse our shared quantum field with joy.

So we shall infuse this blog with practical applications of the “Genius Focus” and “Energy Health” for daily life.  We look forward to connecting with you!


Welcome to THE STRESS FIX blog!

This blog is to inspire you and readers with a nourishing blend of humor, science, wisdom, insight and heart to help us all live a healthier, more productive, creative and joyous life.

Thank you for your comments, questions and thoughtful insights!


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  1. Robert Simon Siegel

    A quick thought about using your sensor devices… It’s very interesting to recognize that literally NONE of those high tech health-measuring devices for fitness actually do anything – except measure what YOU are doing. Fascinating that they assume if you are measuring, then you might somehow be doing “something” to help improve your health. Really?

    But what do you actually do!?! If you want to maximize and optimize your efforts, please let me save you some time!

    Over the years I directed a biofeedback equipment lab in a hospital, used biofeedback machines in many clinical practices and was a founding Board Member of the Massachusetts Biofeedback Society. What I learned was exactly what people were doing internally – with their focus – when as patients they succeeded in gaining control over a body system using the biofeedback equipment. I developed, refined and streamlined the skills from those experiences so people no longer even needed the equipment at all! When it comes to de-stressing fast, you only need to learn how to operate your four major body systems and then you have it – for the rest of your life!

    This is my module #1 “The Six Second Stress Fix”.

    The STRESS FIX skills are the precise things you can do to get the healthier measures you want, the “HOW TO” details that directly lower your blood pressure, relax your muscles, lower your pulse rate, move your brain waves into healthy alpha, balance the pH of your blood, decrease your cortisol level – many of the things people take medications to do, but too often with dangerous side effects.


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