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I say “pre-order” because we are now making the high quality video production and putting it into a fun and easy-to-learn format.  Sometime in January when this is completed, the prices will double! 

We plan to deliver Module #1 The Six Second Stress Fix by February 1, 2017 at latest and all three modules of THE STRESS FIX by March 1, 2017. Pre-ordering also helps us to create even higher quality products, add animation and much more to enhance your learning experience.

I believe this will be a truly meaningful HOLIDAY GIFT for persons you love and a wonderful way to fulfill your NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION for genuine optimal health.  These skills are uniquely effective, refined over 30 years of clinical experience as a Stress Specialist.  You’ll be happy.

The Six Second Stress Fix  $297   Special Offer price $149

Today’s most important health ability!  Gain the only skills you’ll ever need to de-stress, focus and feel calm in seconds – without pills!

Your body will LOVE you!

  • Prevent and relieve ALL stress symptoms by rapidly restoring 4 main body systems to optimal health – in seconds
  • Clear your mind instantly to focus better and sleep well (Central Nervous System)
  • Relax 9 major muscle groups quickly and dissolve tension headaches (Skeletal Muscle System)
  • Stop fight/flight survival reactions of panic attacks & anxiety (Sympathetic Nervous System)
  • Enjoy refreshing emotional calm all day at work and home (Parasympathetic Nervous System)
  • Savor “presence of mind” and sensual awareness free of overwhelm (Central Nervous System)
  • Improve your sexual enjoyment without stress
  • Enter the prized mind/body state of “meditation” in seconds, not 45 minutes of “mindfulness”
  • Enjoy three uplifting treasured qualities – Emotional Peace, Presence of Mind and Physical Relaxation – whenever you want!


THE STRESS FIX $997 Special Offer $497

The complete training for Body, Mind & Energy optimal health!

THE 6-SECOND STRESS FIX – Today’s most important health ability – Module #1

GENIUS FOCUS – Learn humanity’s next mental step – Module #2

  • Use your mind positively to create health, success and joy – not stress
  • Apply “The Big Lever” to transform problems and difficulties into new solutions and “wins”
  • Implement five main mental patterns of goal-achieving that stabilize your mind into optimal psychological health, confidence, genuine self-esteem and positive communications
  • Gain amazing wisdom and valuable guidance by de-coding the gifts of your stress emotions
  • Master your mind/body/immune connection to boost your immune strength

ENERGIZING LIFE – Enjoy vibrant awareness – Module #3

  • Turn on your brain with energy, ignite your life force and recharge fast
  • Optimize your bio-energetic field functions for greater health, awareness & illness prevention
  • Activate your Little Sun energy engine for solar-powered life force that feels fantastic
  • Strengthen your adrenals to lose weight, lower blood pressure & normalize blood sugar
  • Discover how to open the main energy “valve” of your life force energy
  • Throw off colds and flu energetically before they can “catch”
  • Increase your lung functioning with Chinese “longevity breathing”
  • Strengthen your tissues with “Earth energy” to handle vastly more “higher” energy
  • Expand your perception beyond the five senses to gain “broadband” awareness
Together, these three skill sets of THE STRESS FIX enable you to continuously transform stress into an amazing guidance system for greater health, goal-achievement and more vibrant, energizing quality of life.



THE STRESS FIX – Lifelong skills not pills!

You can now eliminate stress damage so there’s no stress to “manage”!