Find THE STRESS FIX solution that is right for you!

Stress is today’s #1 cause of health destruction and lost productivity.

Stress is THE main causal risk factor of illness. Now you can solve stress.

Master these lifelong skills to take charge of your life and health.

Corporate Wellness Workshops

Organization-wide wellness and private group workshops

Do you want to lower healthcare costs and make health a driver of productivity? Stress damage is THE single major source of absenteeism, doctor visits and lost productivity. With our help you can solve (not “manage”) stress. The benefits to your people and your bottom line are significant.

Public Workshops

Pricing: Varies by location and session
Availability: Currently available in Greater Richmond, VA. Other locations can be arranged.

These unique training sessions are an ideal way to pick up some real-time, stress-fixing skills. Each course may vary, so be sure to check out the schedule below for complete listings and descriptions.

One-on-One Private Sessions

Pricing: Sessions start @ $150 / hour (discounts available for purchasing multiple sessions)

Work with Robert one-on-one or with a partner in intimate 60-90 minute sessions that are customized to your needs. The skills taught are all based around THE STRESS FIX solution and have helped people from all walks of life discover stress-free living and energized health.

Fixing stress benefits everyone…


  • De-stress, feel calm and restore focus in seconds
  • Relieve & prevent all stress symptoms without medications
  • Prevent burnout and improve productivity


  • Proactively produce healthy people to work and lower total illness costs
  • Increase productivity, prevent losses and gain financial savings
  • Appreciate human capital and retain talent


  • Prevent nurse burnout with 10 CNEs
  • Reduce medical errors causing liability and malpractice costs
  • Increase patient satisfaction to prevent lower reimbursements

THE STRESS FIX has 3 Modules:

Dynamic Calm

Body & Mind Health
Achieve an optimal health state for top performance and better focus

Genius Focus

Mind & Immune Health
Turn business and personal challenges into goal-achieving solutions

Energizing Life

Energy Health
Turn on your brain and recharge quickly for maximum productivity