What all does THE STRESS FIX fix?

Companies & Benefits Managers

In an increasingly volatile world, PRODUCING HEALTH delivers an exciting new breed of “health-producing” skills (not pills) missing from the healthcare system – science-based, clinically effective and immediately useful.


PRODUCING  HEALTH also solves stress – the single most-recognized source of illness conditions, symptoms, absenteeism, doctor visits, productivity losses and lost time. 

While the healthcare system is  reactive, PRODUCING HEALTH is pro-active.  These unique skills literally produce today’s three most important areas of functional health: 

Body/Mind Health    Mind/Immune Health    Energy Health


The results are healthier, focused people who are more productive – plus an organization with lower absenteeism and decreased healthcare costs. 


Simply put, healthy individuals spend more time on their jobs and less time in the doctor’s office. 


This positive outcome provides the ultimate “win-win” solution for Productivity & Health gains.




PRODUCING HEALTH provides lifelong skills to better operate your body,mind and energy. 


One valuable health ability you gain is to relieve stress in seconds!


What does this mean for YOU?

For the rest of your life, you can de-stress, focus and feel calm in seconds – without pills.


You can literally prevent ALL stress symptoms and their costly illnesses without medications. 


No more stress to “manage”.


               You gain energy, focus and today’s healthiest way of

               living and working:  Dynamic Calm!


Imagine how your life will change!


Today’s most important health advancement!


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