Employee Stress Management Program


The STRESS BENEFITS System for Companies

The STRESS BENEFITS System is a skills training that supplies the missing content for genuine wellness ROI by making stress a positive driver of health and productivity. You can lower healthcare costs and gain healthier, better focused employees with annual productivity increases – as much as 3 weeks for every employee who may not have been able to focus for just 30 minutes per day before the program because of stress.

In addition to cutting costs by making your people healthier, these same tools improve performance quality with the core abilities to sustain concentration and create solutions for continuous improvement.

What’s been missing – an effective skill-based methodology to remedy (not “manage”) stress – makes these potential healthcare savings real:

  • 60%-90% of primary care doctor visits are stress-related.
    (Perkins, A. Saving money by reducing stress. Harvard Business Review. 72(6):12)
  • 50% of absenteeism is stress-related. (NIOSH, European Agency for Safety & Health, study of USA workers)

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