Stress Solution


I hope you agree that the time for the long-awaited stress remedy is NOW! Here it is!

Stress is actually our built-in guidance system for life.  It is our adaptation vehicle to navigate change successfully.  You just need to learn how to operate it.  This new understanding elevates daily stress into an amazing guide to help you achieve your most valuable goals!

THE STRESS FIX is a system of skills to better operate your body, mind and energy.  These unique and simple tools will give you lifelong benefits that improve your health, increase your productivity, strengthen your focus and enrich your quality of life.  No more stress damage!   Science-based and clinically effective, this new breed of “health-producing” skills deliver what’s been missing from the healthcare system:  how to eliminate stress damage so there’s no stress to “manage”!

Stop “managing” stress.  That does not work.  Fix your stress!

This stress solution integrates Robert Simon Siegel’s 25 years of clinical experience in hospitals, medical clinics and corporate wellness with 21st century sciences like bio-physics, telecommunications technology, electromagnetic field theory, and physiology so that we can operate stress positively – as it works in Nature. Robert adds rare knowledge and multi-use wellness treasures from his personal trainings with lineage holders of several wisdom traditions.

THE 6-SECOND STRESS FIX – Today’s most important health ability         Part 1:  BODY

When 60%-90% of all primary care doctor visits and half of all sick days at work – all from stress – can be prevented with this one skill set, it’s a great opportunity to lower costs AND improve health! These productivity tools are essential for today’s accelerated change. Think about this… for tens of thousands of years, humans have been driven by and victims of ancient fight or flight survival reactions with their primal emotions of anger and fear. It’s time for “Next Generation Humans” who can stay calm, present, relaxed and focused during even the most stressful situations. With these tools you can enjoy three uplifting treasured qualities – Emotional Peace, Presence of Mind and Physical Relaxation – whenever you want!


  • Prevent and relieve ALL stress symptoms by fast restoring 4 main body systems to optimal health
  • Clear your mind instantly to focus better and sleep well (Central Nervous System)
  • Relax 9 major muscle groups quickly and dissolve tension headaches (Skeletal Muscle System)
  • Stop fight/flight survival reactions of panic attacks & anxiety (Sympathetic Nervous System)
  • Enjoy refreshing emotional calm all day at work and home (Parasympathetic Nervous System)
  • Savor “presence of mind” and sensual awareness free of overwhelm (Central Nervous System)
  • Improve your sexual enjoyment
  • Enter the prized mind/body state of “meditation” in seconds, not 45 minutes of “mindfulness”

GENIUS FOCUS – Learn humanity’s next mental step                 Part Two:  MIND

Throughout human history, exceptional people have contributed brilliance, artistic creations and visionary solutions by focusing their minds in a specific way not taught in schools.  A new breed of emerging products, goods and services are already transforming how we live and think. Given the enormous challenges facing humanity today, we need all people to have access to their healthy genius. Imagine the possibilities!

  • Use your mind positively to create health, success and joy – not stress
  • Apply “The Big Lever” to transform problems and difficulties into new solutions and “wins”
  • Implement five main mental patterns of goal-achieving that stabilize your mind into optimal psychological health, confidence, genuine self-esteem and positive communications
  • Gain amazing wisdom and valuable guidance by de-coding the gifts of your stress emotions
  • Master your mind/body/immune connection to boost your immune strength


ENERGIZING LIFE – Enjoy vibrant awareness                  Part 3:  ENERGY

“Energy Health” is a fascinating new arena for enjoying life. Energy medicine is standard now for diagnosis, like x-rays, MRI, CAT scans and ultrasound. The scientific research on meditation shows that the brain grows new neurons and expands intelligence by increasing the connectivity between neurons. How do you accelerate that growth? All biological life develops new capacities by becoming more energy efficient, by not having to spend the entire day just searching for food to survive. This part of THE STRESS FIX shares rare energy knowledge that integrates ancient wisdom tools with new sciences.  For example, you have a “valve” in the center of your chest that opens the uplifting flow of life force energy into your body so that “The Force” is indeed with you! Stress closes that valve. With this top treasure of THE STRESS FIX system, you can feel delicious joy whenever you want!

  • Turn on your brain with energy, ignite your life force and recharge fast
  • Optimize your bio-energetic field functions for greater health, awareness & illness prevention
  • Activate your Little Sun energy engine for solar-powered life force that feels fantastic
  • Strengthen your adrenals to lose weight, lower blood pressure & normalize blood sugar
  • Discover how to open the main energy “valve” of your life force energy
  • Throw off colds and flu energetically before they can “catch”
  • Increase your lung functioning with Chinese “longevity breathing”
  • Strengthen your tissues with “Earth energy” to handle vastly more “higher” energy
  • Expand your perception beyond the five senses to gain “broadband” awareness

Together, these three skill sets of THE STRESS FIX enable you to continuously transform stress into an amazing guidance system for greater health, goal-achievement and more vibrant, energizing quality of life.


Activate the positive power of YOUR stress now!  Your body will LOVE you!