Robert Simon Siegel – Stress Coach


AppleMarkRobert Simon Siegel, MS, is a psychophysiologist, stress specialist, and author of Six Seconds to True Calm: Thriving Skills for 21st Century Living. He is also the creator of THE STRESS FIX, the long-awaited stress remedy that is the culmination of his over 20 years of clinical experience in hospitals, medical centers, and private practice.

Robert developed THE STRESS FIX™ training modules to deliver an uplifting remedy for 21st century stress. THE STRESS FIX™ activates the positive power of stress, so people can put stress to positive use to successfully navigate change with greater health, productivity, and innovation.

Now, Robert trains individuals, healthcare professionals, and corporate groups in how to stop the stress that is robbing them of their focus, their productivity, and their health.

A science-based, clinically effective methodology, THE STRESS FIX™ introduces a new breed of proactive health-producing skills that are missing from the healthcare system. These skills are needed to eliminate costly stress damage and complement illness prevention. Thousands of people have used these lifelong skills to better operate their bodies, minds, and energy. They have improved their performance and achieved more vibrant health without medications.

Stress Claims in Industry, Robert’s original research article representing over 100,000 employees and 83 companies, was published in Workers Comp Monthly.  The New England Hospital Assembly, Inc. honored the stress program he developed at Mt. Pleasant Hospital.

He’s also a nationally sought-after speaker. Most recently, Robert presented the panel “Fixing Stress” at the Health & Productivity Forum in San Francisco in March 2015. The forum is organized for Fortune 100 companies by Integrated Benefits Institute. He was also a selected speaker at the National Wellness Conference in 2008 and again in 2010. His clients have included: Chevron USA, NBC, Providence Health Systems, Port of Seattle Police Department, Pritikin Longevity Center, Washington Athletic Club, King County Department of Natural Resources, LA County Department of Children’s Services, Pacific Enterprises, TRW, individual CEOs of multi-national corporations, a governor, physicians, and people from all walks of life.

Robert enjoys integrating cutting-edge science and physiology with ancient wisdom from his personal training and with wisdom tradition lineage holders to share rare knowledge and multi-use wellness treasures. A lover of Afro-Cuban rhythm, his sci-fi thriller book, Thieves of Eden, is becoming a graphic novel and seeks to be a major motion picture.





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