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What does The Stress Fix fix?

If you’re worried about stress (and who isn’t these days), then check this out…

Here is a new technique that relieves stress in just 6 seconds. It is one part of a three-part system that was developed by a medical professional who saw too much stress and too much damage from that stress in patients, day after day.

So, he decided to do something about it.

And he ended up developing this revolutionary new technique that relieves stress in 6 seconds!

Which means it also gives your body a break from the damage stress is causing.

It’s based in science, and it borrows from ancient healing traditions too, so it really uses the best from both worlds.

And best part is that it’s all natural! That means no dangerous side effects. Just instant stress relief

What is the Stress Fix?

The Stress Fix is this revolutionary new way to think about stress and how it affects us – and how we treat it.

For years, we’ve been told stress is bad (that’s nothing new). That we have to get rid of it, or we’ll get sick and die.

And that the best way to get rid of stress is to do yoga and meditate and take bubble baths … find ways to relax.

But there are actually three problems with that way of thinking. First, stress is not the enemy. Stress is actually not a bad thing. It’s the damage that stress causes that’s bad. Stress actually plays a really important role in keeping us healthy. But more on that later …

Second problem is time. Who has time for an hour-long yoga class many times a week?

Most of what they tell us to do to get rid of stress takes time – time to learn and time to do. Who has that much time?

And then it takes time before you feel the effects!

Which brings us to the last problem – these things we’ve been told to do to alleviate stress and be healthy aren’t working like we think they do.

Yoga … meditation … things we do to feel more peaceful … these are good practices, no doubt. BUT – they’re not doing what we think they’re doing for us, because they’re only managing the stress. They’re not actually stopping the chain reaction of stress damage that sets off a whole string of possible health problems.

That’s why psychophysiologist Robert Simon Siegel thought, “There must be a better way.” He saw patients who couldn’t do yoga, who weren’t going to take time to meditate – but who needed instant stress relief now. They weren’t managing the stress OR stopping it. And he knew stopping stress fast is the only way to prevent the damage from stress from leading to more serious health problems.

So, using his 25 years of clinical experience in hospitals and medical clinics, and using what he knows about new discoveries in bio-physics, physiology, and the body’s own natural healing abilities, Robert has developed a technique that stops stress – and the body’s physical response to stress – in just 6 seconds.

Once you’ve learned the technique (and it’s simple to learn), you can use it for yourself, guide friends and family on how to use it, or use it with your patients. You can help yourself and others stop the stress response in just 6 seconds.


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